Service Repair Specialist Service and Repair

Plate Heat Exchangers

As a Plate Heat Exchanger Service Repair Specialist, Chevon possesses the high level of expertise and experience required to effectively recondition and service Plate Heat Exchangers.


Our service and repair facility is staffed by skilled specialists and is fully equipped to provide you with unparalleled levels of service.


A carefully planned and thoroughly enforced system is put in place to achieve quality work and deliver customer satisfaction, consistently.



Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

We provide COMPLETE SOLUTIONS for Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers e.g. oil coolers/heaters/condensers. Once your Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger reaches our workshop, we will first assess the condition of the item before providing you with our recommendations for service or repair.



Charged Air Coolers

We specialize in Charge Air Coolers Servicing, Repair & New Fabrication; offering you a one-stop solution in the shortest possible time, (this is a benefit of Chevon International having all the machineries and facilities along with ample stock of high quality raw materials e.g. Copper, Naval Brass, Aluminum Brass stored in our workshop)