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Vision and Mission


Global Enterprise in Thermal Dynamics, Contributing to Sustainable Progress of the Global Community.

Chevon aims to contribute to society through the provision of quality, efficient and effective heat exchange equipment, in a manner that is socially and environmentally responsible, while catering of the interest of all stakeholders: Business Partners, Shareholders, Associates, Society at large, and Mother Earth.

To Provide the Best Heat Transfer Solutions for our customers and Delivering Maximal Value to All Stakeholders.

Accomplishing the Mission is an on-going journey of relentless and continuous learning and improvement for everyone at Chevon. This intent is distilled, crystallized and encapsulated in Chevon's Core Values, 3P's: Professionalism, Promptness and Pleasantness. Through embracing our 3P's core values, we endeavor to deliver to all our stakeholders impactful and meaningful outcomes that are accretive and experience that is satisfying.